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Website is currently under maintenance. To join now with CovaU Energy, call us on 1300 689 866.

Life Support

  • What’s life support?

  • How to register life support?

CovaU’s Standard Offers

  • What is a Standard Offer?

  • How the Standard Offer prices are set in NSW, SA and South-east QLD?

  • How the Standard Offer prices are set in VIC?

Pricing & Rate Changes

  • How to read my invoice?

  • What are my new rates?

  • Why are prices changing?

  • When will my new prices come into effect?

  • How much will my bill affected by?

  • Will my discounts/benefits associated with my plan change?

Carbon Tax Update

  • Information about Carbon Tax Repeal.

  • How will this affect CovaU customers?

  • What happens to the Clean Energy Plan now?

  • CovaU Substantiation Statements.

Meter Installation

  • Who do I contact to organise a meter to be installed or changed?

  • What are the timeframes for meter installations?

Smart Meters

  • What is a smart meter?

  • What are the benefits of getting a smart meter?

  • How do I get a smart meter?

  • Are smart meters safe?

  • Will I have to pay for a smart meter?

Smart Meter Installation

  • Who do I contact to organise a meter to be installed or changed?

  • Will the smart meter be installed safely?

  • Will I be on a different tariff or energy offer once the smart meter is installed?

  • Will my electricity supply be interrupted during the installation?

  • Is my smart meter data private?

What To Do If You Have a Problem

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my meter?

  • What if I have a complaint about my retailer or need additional help?

  • What can my energy ombudsman help me with?

  • What if my bill is higher than it used to be after the smart meter is installed?

Power of Choice Reforms

Understanding Energy Jargon

  • What is an NMI?

  • What are energy charges?

  • What are non-energy charges?

  • What is the Service to Property Charge or Daily Charges?

  • What is a Pay on time Discount?

  • What are loss factors?

  • What are the basic units of energy?

Billing and Payments

  • Can I choose to receive paper bills after I’ve started to receive eBills?

  • Can I have more time to pay my bill?

  • Can I have my eBill emailed to more than one email address?

  • Does receiving an eBill change the ways I can pay my account?

  • How can I reduce my bill?

  • How do I change or update my email address for my eBill?

  • How do I elect to receive an eBill?

  • I’ve registered for an eBill but I received a paper bill. What should I do?

  • What is a payment processing fee?

  • What is an eBill?

  • What is Heating Value?

  • Who can receive an eBill?

  • Why is my bill estimated?

  • Can I submit my own meter reading with CovaU?

  • Will an eBill have the same information as a paper bill?

  • Will I continue to receive a paper bill if I sign up to receive an eBill?

  • How to Request and Authority to debit the bank account or credit card account to pay CovaU?

Contact From Us

  • How do I opt into the 'Do not call' List?

  • What are the timeframes for meter installations?


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