CovaU Energy


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If your invoice is based on Actual Reading :

If your invoice is based on Monthly Instalment (monthly/quarterly):

CovaU Basic, also known as Standing Offer, is an ongoing energy plan with no discounts or benefits. This offer is applied to a customer who does not actively choose an energy plan or enter into a market retail contract.

For example, someone who moves into a premises that the electricity or gas has already connected, any energy consumption in this premises will be charged at the Standard Offer rates under a Standard Retail Agreement before he/she chooses another energy plan. 

If you or anyone at your premise depending on life supports equipment as below, you’re classified as being life support dependent.

  • Positive airways pressure (PAP) device
  • Enteral feeding pump (formerly known as Kangaroo Pump)
  • Phototherapy equipment
  • Home dialysis
  • Ventilators (formerly known as ‘respirator’)
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • External heart pump
  • Other equipment required for life support – as specified by a Medical Practitioner

From 1 December 2017, your retailer is responsible for the meter at your property. If you think there is a problem or fault with your meter, you should contact your electricity retailer for assistance.

However you should contact your distributor (the company that owns the poles and wires) if your electricity or gas stops working, there is a blackout or the supply is bad or if there is a fault or emergency, for example, an electricity pole is down.



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