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Tips for saving energy:


  • Switch off the lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • Use natural lighting throughout your home during the day.
  • Where possible, change your old light globes to low-energy ones (such as LED or Compact Fluorescent lights) throughout the house.
  • Try to use desk or standard lamps where most light is needed, instead of lighting the whole room.
  • Consider installing time, motion or light sensing switches.

Cooling & Heating

  • Try to only use cooling or heating when and where needed – close off doors to unoccupied rooms while cooling or heating is turned on.
  • Do not place heaters near windows because this will increase heat loss.
  • Remember to turn off your cooling or heating overnight and also when you're not home.
  • Keep the heat inside during the colder months by closing windows and sealing gaps and cracks in external doors with draught stoppers or 'door snakes' around the frames.
  • Opening up the doors and windows during the hotter months will let a cool breeze through the house.
  • Wall insulation saves up to 20% of heating and cooling energy loss.


  • You can save the standby power of appliances which aren't in use by switching them off at the wall.
  • Where possible, wash your clothes in cold water and dry on a line or rack.Avoid using a clothes dryer where-ever possible.
  • When buying new appliances, remember to compare star ratings - the more stars, the lower the running costs for you!
  • Fully load your washing machine and dishwasher before running the cycle.
  • Size your fridge so that it is appropriate for your needs - fridges are most efficient when full. If you have a second fridge, consider giving it a break over the winter and only use when needed.


  • Fix that dripping tap! It's not only adding to your water bill, but also the energy bill for heating the water.
  • Try to get into the habit of taking shorter showers instead of baths or long showers.
  • Install water-saving showerheads and you'd be surprise the difference it makes!
  • Don't allow hot water to run as you brush, wash or shave.
  • When going away on holiday, switch off your hot water system.


  • Ensure you keep up regular maintenance on your appliances, clean filters, replace seals, remove dust or cobwebs, and get regular services to ensure that your appliances are running as efficiently as possible and reduce wastage of energy and money.

At Work

  • Work on laptops, they are far more energy efficient than desktop computers.
  • Set all monitors to automatically turn off after a set time of inactivity, Screensavers are not energy savers.
  • Ensure shared equipment, such photocopiers, printers, scanners and kitchen appliances are turned off at night.
  • Use low-energy lights, especially in areas where lighting is used for extended periods of time.
  • Install timers or movement detectors for lighting in area’s used less frequently.
  • Where possible, recycle paper and packaging and encourage others to do the same.

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